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For the past 12 months Lynn Cicero has helped me control and lose weight. She is aknowledgeable professional and an empathetic counselor. She is able to clearly communicate using forms she creates for me as well as informational handouts that I can take home.

She helped me plan meals around the foods that I enjoy, taught me how to read and understand food labels and how they impacted my diet. In addition, since I discovered that I eat more lunches and dinners at restaurants than I realized, she helped me make wiser menu choices.

The best part is that since I began seeing Lynn Cicero, I have lost more than 80 pounds!


Lynn is a great dietitian for many reasons. Her advice is practical………….I can look at my plate and know whether or not it is balanced. I love that my doctor referred me to her. Others should consider consulting with her for positive life change eating.